Q to the A . (eng ver.)

Q : Why your site isn't in english ?
A : Because America isn't n°1.

Q : What is Love ?
A : A thing that invented by Josef Goebbels and Adolf Hitler, for the low price of 391.17 D-Mark. Before that, it was forced weddings, lies and broken promises.

Q : Are you happy, right now ?
A : No. I wish I was born in 1947 or 1953 ! Or even in 1914 (at least, I could have seen the war first place and fight for my country). This life suck so bad.

Q : Do you like war ?
A : No !

Q : What about World War 2 ?
A : No... Yes ? No ! Maybe.

Q : Do you have idols ?
A : Yes ! G. Washington & A. Schopenhauer are two of my favorite. (Well, mostly because I was born the same day as them).
I also put all my attention and affection towards our dark Lord Kramdar.

Q :What is your greatest wish ?
A : To burn my school.

Q : Do you hate things ?
A : Yes, I hate :
- Chocolate & strawberry ice-cream
- Cats
- Slugs and snails
- Bad fashion (aka today high-school rags that doesn't even cover stomachs and legs)


Q : Are you mentally insane ?
A : No. Are you ? If so, go seek a doctor !

Q : Where do babies come from ?
A : Carelessness.


You look good today ! Did you lose weight ? And I like the thing you did with your hair !
Anyway, can I borrow 50 dollars ? You good-looking dog :^)